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Poker Profiles: Raymond Rahme

There are a lot of players around. Some of them had the privilege to become distinctive at one way or another. In Raymond Rahme's case, it was his African blood that got him to face the spotlight. In 2007, he became the first African player ever to reach the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event. He finished third place and won over $3 million in cash prize.

Interestingly, Raymond only decided to start a career in Poker when he retired from doing business. He was 60. Raymond has been playing Stud Poker for over three decades but only discovered the goodness of Hold'em in the recent years. He never bothered a game or two of Texas Hold'em even when it was starting to take flight as one of the more popular games around. Prior to Poker, Raymond was very focused to his bed and breakfast inn business and to his family, which includes a wife and six children. He is still into them until now only, Poker is making its way to become one of his priorities. Poker, alongside golf, keeps him busy nowadays.

At such a young Poker career, Raymond already enjoyed Poker greatness. He is a certified mover at the South African Poker scene. Raymond is a regular sight at high stakes tournament there, not settling beyond second place. Raymond's latest success at the African scene was finishing fourth at the All Africa Poker Championship, which is the largest tournament held in Africa. That fourth place finish was the instrument that helped him and a spot at the WSOP. Good thing, Raymond did not put the chance to waste.

Aside from playing the tournament circuit, Raymond is also busy with online Poker, playing for PokerStars.com under the nickname Ray Rahme. He is part of the elite Team PokerStars, obviously cementing his pride of being one of the better players around. Although he is becoming so engrossed with online games, he is still much into tournament plays. Raymond is obviously not slowing down anytime soon on Poker, especially now that he has retired and has nothing much to do with his life. The only reason he had not dived into the gambling circuit early on in his life was because he was too busy tending to his family. Now that his children have pretty much a life of their own, he found the privilege of being away every once in a while to participate in high stake tournaments.


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