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Ultimate Basics of Poker

Poker is a game that has been growing popularly as fast as a virus can spread. More and more people worldwide enjoy playing the game in their homes with old friends or newly made friends online.

Part of the reason the popularity of poker has been rampant is because of its association with the Internet. Thanks to the Internet it has been easier to find a poker playmate and a table.

You may have accidentally stumbled on a gambling website thanks to those popup advertisements. You may be enticed to finally play the game because of arriving at the website.

Don't worry though; learning about how to play poker is a cinch. There are tons of websites out there that teach you how to play. Usually casino websites will have the rules and how to play poker included at their site already.

This article I am writing about is exactly what I am talking about. This is a basic how to of playing poker.

You will be up against a maximum number of 10 players on a table. All of you are competing to have the best hand of cards. There are certain rankings of combinations of hands that beat one hand over the other. Check the section of this website of poker hand rankings to have a better understanding of the hands of poker.

There will also be a betting cycle done just like in any other gambling game. This helps prevent the raucous things that may happen when there is no order. The betting order will always start with the person at the left of the big blind.

When it's the players turn to bet, he or she is given an option to fold, raise or call. Fold means to throw away his or her hands, raise means to make the stakes higher, and call means to accept the wager of the previous better.

After the cycle of the players have been finished, the dealer will now deal 3 cards at the table called the "flop". The same betting order will be followed. After which, there will be a 4th card dealt at the table. The 4th card dealt is called the "turn". Same betting order happens. Then the 5th card is dealt on the table called the "river".

The players who still haven't folded will now have a chance to face off their cards. The player with the highest hand rankings will win the pot.

I know I made it sound all quite simple. But it's best to practice at those free online poker games first. It helps you learn more and be able to practice strategies that may help you later on.


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