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Playing online poker is sometimes amusing yet educating. A player who loves to play online will experience a lot of things other than the game itself. As part of a strategy, he should know who he is playing with and how to manage his game with the type of opponents he has. Playing the game accordingly also means using what you observe from your opponents, because from them you could formulate the perfect strategy to win.

One should watch out for a loose player because they are quite raw or inexperienced and they normally play multiple hands. He is somewhat too engrossed with the game that even with a bad hand he will play it throughout the game for the hopes of getting his luck 'til the end. One way to play with a loose player is to do it aggressively with honest cards, and most likely he will reciprocate it to your advantage.

Another type of player is an aggressive loose player. This guy usually raises the pot and bets with whatever card he has. He is quite loud and over confident that he always calls a bluff whenever he gets the chance. For any reasons, do not play the way that the aggressive loose player does and do not call his bets unless necessary. If you got the best hand then that's the best time to charge.

If you have an opponent who folds at almost every hand and can easily be tempted by bluffing, then he is a tight player. This guy folds when he feels he is intimidated by other players. If he doesn't, be on the look out.

The other type of tight player is the aggressive tight. They are usually arrogant and will fold most of the time until he gets a good hand. He plays like a loose player, but takes it easy when he doesn't have the best cards on his hand. If you have the opportunity to bluff this guy then do so. But do not let him play and take advantage of your game by any means.

There still many other types and personalities of players out there so be on the look out. Always remember that when playing poker, it is 60% personality and 40% skill. Try to play the game of your opponents so you'll know when to attack. Knowing the type and play of your opponent will guide you on how to play your cards.


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